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Miss Hughes's Kindergarten Class did their very first research project about insects! Students picked an insect to research and they learned about its appearance, habitat, diet, how it protected itself as well as other interesting facts. They completed a note sheet at home with an adult, drew a picture of their bug in the art room and their classroom and even wrote a citation in library!  Once the research notebook was done the learning continued. In library the students turned all of the information that they learned about insects into a digital bug book. The students had a great time learning and creating. Enjoy our book!
Miss Hughes's Kindergarten Class Bug Book 2017

During library Mrs. Morrissey's class made an ABC picture book all about animals! Students read different ABC books to help them choose a theme for their book. Each student picked a letter of the alphabet and drew an animal that began with their chosen letter. Finally, we took all of our pages and put them in order, laminated them, and binded them together. Mrs. Middleton turned the class book into a library book so students could check it out and read it with family and friends. Check out our music video about our book!
 ABC Animals 2016
by Mrs. Morrissey's Kindergarten

Mini Mustang Research
Neve is a student is Mrs. Morrissey's class that was very interested in researchig and learning about new topics. She completed her very first research project about the monarch butterfly. She learned about its appearance, habitat, diet, how it protected itself as well as other interesting facts. She completed a note sheet at home with her parents, drew a picture of her bug and even made a resource page using an App called Pic Collage. In library using iMovie she created a digital book about her insect. Neve had a great time learning and creating. Enjoy her book! 
The Monarch Butterfly by Neve

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