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DMS students gearing up to receive Chromebooks

DMS students watch presentation about ChromebooksDec. 2, 2016 -- Over the last seven to eight months, Marcellus Central School District has worked on an initiative for every student to have a Chromebook as a tool for his or her learning and to promote a Blended Learning model for instruction with increased technology integration. 

Blended learning, with its mix of technology and traditional face-to-face instruction, is a great approach. It combines classroom learning with online learning, in which students have some control over the time, pace and place of their learning.

Teachers and students are using technology on a regular basis to enhance their learning, expand their resources, collaborate with each other and demonstrate their knowledge through a variety of technology formats, including Chromebooks, Google Apps and Google Classroom.
Driver Middle School has begun the process of preparing its students for their Chromebooks.
On Nov.14 and 15, Assistant Principal Mrs. Sharlow, district Director of Technology Ms. Drescher (Director of Technology) and Principal Ms. O’Mara visited all seventh-h and eighth-grade English classes to discuss the rollout of Chromebooks, expectations for storage/management and to answer student questions. This presentation is available to parents now on the web (click here to see the presentation sixth-grade teacher Anita Pawlewicz have to her students) and it will be shared with students electronically in their ELA Google Classroom. These presentations will also be given to students in grades 4-6. ELA teachers then reviewed the proper care of Chromebooks with students. Additionally, as part of a collaborative learning experience, seventh-grade students created presentations to teach the expectations for appropriate care to their younger counterparts in grades 3-6. These presentations were delivered to students on Nov. 30.
Listed below are some specific ways in which technology has enriched student learning.
  • Teachers differentiate instruction by selecting appropriate and targeted instructional tools for reaching all students. Technology allows teachers to select from a plethora of Google Apps for Education as well as media-rich, interactive web resources in order to provide the most meaningful assignments for all students. Videos are often used as reinforcement or for pre-teaching. We have identified students at the upper grades who are reading below grade level, and access to the Google Read and Write tool will help them increase reading comprehension and understanding of the material presented. 
  • Classroom teachers utilize the power of web-based Google Classroom to distribute assignments and classwork, creating a Blended Learning environment. With all students having their own Chromebook, they can work in real-time instead of just watching or listening. Students will have more control over their learning, as well as the ability to access classroom resources and continue working on collaborative projects beyond the school day. Students are engaged when using the Chromebooks, which makes them more motivated to learn. 
  • The writing process and revision process is a learning gap identified within the district. Use of Chromebooks and their grammar and editing features will assist students in identifying weaknesses in writing and provide a model for students to use to improve writing. Receiving timely and targeted feedback from teachers with the opportunity to make revisions without rewriting the entire document is a more efficient way for students to produce their final writing documents.
  • Students can work collaboratively with the teacher and with their classmates. In our fast-growing global society, the ability to communicate, create and collaborate electronically will be a necessary skill for students to achieve success in the future for both continued education and professional careers. 
 Administrators at DMS are excited for this opportunity. Teachers and students alike will benefit from immediate, individualized access to technology and electronic instruction.

DMS students watch presentation about Chromebooks

DMS students watch presentation about Chromebooks

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