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About Our Library

The Library Collection

KC Heffernan Library Media Center has a rich collection of over 15,000 items. These items include books, magazines, educational videos, and audio books.Library materials are chosen to support the KCH curriculum, support literacy education, and to serve the interests of its students.  To look at what is available, search the KCH Library online catalog.



Library Schedule
All KCH students have weekly scheduled library visits. First through third graders have two, 25 minute library classes that follow a 6 day cycle. All kindergarten and pre-first classrooms have two, 20 minute library classes. One class period is designated for the students to have a book exchange so they can continue to read great books and develop good reading habits. The other period is devoted to library instruction where they will learn how to utilize the library, enjoy a variety of literature, participate in research projects and learn about technology.


Borrowing Books
Kindergarten  and pre-first students are allowed to take out one book.
  We take a few weeks to review book care before students begin to check out books at this level. First grade student can also take out one book.We encourage students to make appropriate book choices and look for a book that is a good fit. Second grade students are allowed to take out two books. We continue to encourage students to make appropriate book choices that meet their interests. Third graders can take out three books. We practice using the available technology in the library media center to help students explore all sources of information.


This year we are working on building up our database reserve to ensure we have access to the necessary resources needed to implement the new Common Core Standards. Beginning in the elementary grades, the Common Core calls for an equal balance (50/50 split) between time spent on literary texts and time spent on informational text. Databases are an excellent source of informational text and a great tool for teachers to utilize in their instruction. Databases will be available to students from home or school. Many databases require a username and password so please ask in the library for passwords and user information. This year the library will also be using some databases on a trial bases to see whether they are a good fit with our K-3 curriculums.

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